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9.4/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #2 in category Brokers
Trading Platforms
Tradable Assets
Deposits and Withdrawals
Fees and Charges
Trading Tools
Customer Support
  • Award-winning and regulated brand
  • Multitude of trading platforms
  • Supports automated trading
  • Variety of supported payment methods
  • Fast withdrawal processing time
  • Competitive spreads
  • Dedicated account manager (first deposit of $1,000 or higher)
  • Lots of educational materials
  • Reliable customer support even on Facebook
  • Inactivity fee
  • No webinars
  • Demo account has expiration of 21 days (can be extended upon request)


Using a CFD or contract for difference, price shifts of different instruments can be speculated and a position can be taken on it without the necessity of owning underlying assets.

Profits can be made from not just a falling but also a rising market by a person and that is the reason why more people don’t prefer trading stocks anymore and are switching into this form of derivative.


If you have an interest in CFDs trading then you might already know about AvaTrade or might have seen their online advertisements. Most of the people know about them and you might have information about them.

It is a renowned service of CFD with registered platforms where several instruments can be traded online. They regulated and authorized by various financial authorities such as CBI, ASIC, FSC, FSA and FSB to provide contracts and agreements for the difference.

Do you wish to have more information about AvaTrade?

Why wait? Let’s dive deeper!


We can say that everything related to AvaTrade is quite simple beginning from the process of sign-up to trading until the process of withdrawal.

Moreover, its registered platform has a user-friendly and unified design over all devices and it comes with an incorporated set of trading tools for risk management.

In terms of available assets or instruments, it offers competitive spreads with over 250 options.

Just as stated on their site, zero commissions are involved in trading with them and there is transparency in their fees.

And when it comes to reputation, a stable organization operates it and is collaborating with various regulators.

When we talk about cons…

There is no detailed centre of education but there is a comprehensive page of the FAQ. In addition, the demo unlimited account can be a reliable training platform for beginners.

As of this note, traders from the United States are not authorized. In addition, a CFD service is only offered by a AvaTrade. Betting services are not provided by it.


Although all platforms of AvaTrade have been tested by us, the majority of screenshots that you will see here are from their Web trading platform.


With AvaTrade, registering an account is very easy and quick.


  • Quick registration process
  • Can use Facebook or Google account


  • None

Countries supported

Most of the clients from over the world are permitted to use AvaTrade but there are a few exceptions.

However, the countries which are not supported by AvaTrade don’t have an official list on the site.

What to do now?

If you don’t know the status of your country, it is quite simple to check if it is supported by AvaTrade. Their site will automatically check your IP address and location and will give a notification about the status.

Just ensure that you are not utilizing a VPN when you are making an account. In other words, use your actual location rather than the virtual one.

Types of accounts

Unlike other brokerages that offer account types in tiers like silver, gold, etc., AvaTrade offers fixed spreads accounts and Islamic non-swap accounts.

That means everyone has the opportunity of enjoying the same benefits and perks. There is no difference in treatment and there are no limited features on your deposited amount.

What about bonuses?

What’s great about AvaTrade is that they offer occasional welcome bonuses for newly signed-up clients.

Like for example, they had a limited welcome bonus offer for new clients who will make their first deposit during the promotion period.

Do take note that specific terms and conditions apply in order to claim, use and withdraw these bonuses so be sure to read them first before availing them.

Demo account

After you register, you will have the authorization of using the demo account. And the good news is that anyone registering an account can use it.

This feature can be used for exploring the platform and this can be a great benefit especially if you’re a beginner.

In addition…

It is loaded with $10,000 virtual funds which is more than enough for you to do multiple test trades.

AvaTrade demo account virtual funds

AvaTrade demo account virtual funds

But there’s a catch:

It has a time-limit of 21 days but if you’d like to extend its validity, you just need to contact the support team prior to its expiration and inform them the length of time you’d like it to be extended.

But if the demo has already expired, you can easily add a new demo trading account which won’t require you a lot of time to accomplish.

It is possible to open the demo account quickly after you register for an account.

While logged-in, you just need to select Add an Account, select Demo Account, the trading platform you prefer to have a demo and the account base currency.

After submitting, you’ll receive an email which will contain the login credentials for this new demo account.

In contrast…

Demo accounts are offered by some brokerages as well but the issue is that situations of the market are not realistic.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tactics and strategies have been developed by expert traders with the use of this feature.

One great advantage of the demo account of AvaTrade is that it replicates the conditions of the real market so that users can play with the platform and get to know more about the market conditions.

You will be capable of building confidence and your strategies before implementing them in live trading.

How to sign-up?

The registration process of AvaTrade is quite simple and will take only a few minutes for accomplishing and this can be done using any of the given options:

AvaTrade registration page

AvaTrade registration page

After completing the initial stage, you need to complete your profile by providing your personal details such as your date of birth, complete address, preferred password, trading platform and the base currency for your account.

Lastly, you need to provide your principal occupation, your total estimated annual income, estimated total net worth, source of trading funds and agreement to their terms and conditions.

With the completion of this process and after making a deposit, the main trading screen of the platform will open.

Minimum deposit

The minimum amount to deposit on your AvaTrade account is $100 if you will utilize debit cards or credit cards, wire transfer or e-wallets.

Whatever method you used for funding your account, they still allow the minimum account unlike other brokerages which have different minimum deposit requirements for specific payment methods.

Even though it is not possibly the lowest, it still is lower than what most of the brokerages require from their clients. In fact, proves to be ideal amount if you are starting with the trading of CFD or if you are a beginner.

Take this:

If you prefer long-term trading, the minimum deposit might not be a big deal at all because you are likely to make more deposits in the future.

Trading Platforms

The trading platforms of AvaTrade are slick and are able to load quickly with a simplified user interface, making them easier to use.


  • Improved user interface
  • Bug-free
  • Texts are now easier to read


  • Doesn’t have price alerts

In general, AvaTrade has a suite of trading platform which they developed in-house and an also suite of third-party platforms from MetaTrader.

And while we did test all of them, the screenshots that you will see here as mostly from their Web Trading plalform as most traders a likely to use this option.


Rather than depending solely on a software provider, their decision to offer both the MetaTrader and their own proprietary platform is a good move so that they could cater to different markets.

There is another thing…

All of their platforms will not exhaust your system resources whether you use a browser or install their software on your desktop or any of their apps on your mobile devices.

On the basis of thorough reviews and tests, we can say that the platforms are quick in loading and lags are not prevalent.

AvaTrade trading platforms

System/Device Platform
Web Web Trading
Desktop MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, AvaOptions, Mac Trading
Mobile AvaTradeGO
Other Automated Trading

You’ll be able to access the platform and use any of the following languages. However, the default will be based on the language that supports your country of jurisdiction during the time that you registered.

English Russian German Italian Spanish Chinese Portuguese


AvaTrade WebTrader platform

AvaTrade WebTrader platform


AvaTrade has worked very hard on making its design to be simple and fitted for traders so that you can understand everything and won’t feel lost in the process of understanding their platform.

In fact, it won’t take long for those traders who are new to it. This is very important as no one desires to have a difficult experience in trading especially if this will be your first time.

After opening an account, you need to choose a platform and create an account in order to download or use it.

Adding a platform account in AvaTrade

Adding a platform account in AvaTrade

What’s great about this broker is that they have created a selection of options for just about every type of trader and you can even choose between manual and automated trading.

What’s more

Every platform provides a choice of financial instruments along with analytical tools, indicators and charts which will be later on discussed in this review.

And while there are some considerable differences in terms of the design and usability, all of AvaTrade’s platforms are the same when it comes to being user-friendly and functionality.

AvaTrade managed to gain a high score for this class and it indeed deserves this.

Access AvaTrade’s trading platforms now!

Logging in

Whenever you sign-in to AvaTrade, you will be asked to enter your email address and password.

But what about Facebook or Google?

Take note:

The thing is, you can only take a shortcut during the registration process as AvaTrade will automatically fetch some details that you used for your social media accounts such as your full name and email address but this won’t be the case for logging in.

That means your email address is still your main userid and this is what you need to use to login to your account.

AvaTrade login page

AvaTrade login page

Searching for instruments

You can find a specific asset by going through the list on the main screen’s left column. You can filter the list based on the following trends:

  • Most Rising
  • Most Falling
  • Most Buying
  • Most Selling

Alternatively, you can also filter an asset based on the following categories:

  • American ETF
  • American Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Commodities
  • European Stocks
  • Forex Majors
  • Forex Minors
  • Indices
AvaTrade instrument search page

AvaTrade instrument search page

Another option is all about using the search bar. The incredible thing is that the ticker symbol or the asset name can be entered manually for obtaining similar results.

However, there’s a minor downside…

If you’re going to search for Forex pairs, you can only search by entering their ticker symbols and not their names. So for example, if you’re searching for EURUSD, you won’t be able to see this asset if you enter “Euro” or “US dollar” on the search bar.

AvaTrade instrument search bar

AvaTrade instrument search bar

It’s really not a big issue and you’d easily get the hang of it eventually.

Let’s get to know more about it…


Most of the time, if you are thinking about trading on a certain instrument, it would be preferable to link them to the category of Favorites.

What is special about it?

It is capable of saving your time since you will not have search for underlying assets whenever you wish to place an order of Sell or Buy CFD and it can be quite convenient, particularly if you wish to hurry and don’t want to let go of an opportunity to trade.

This is how you can do it:

You only have to search for that specific asset, mark the star beside it and it will be added in your favorites list. There is no limit on the number of favorites but we highly suggest that only the most significant one should be added here.

AvaTrade Favorites

AvaTrade Favorites

And when it’s time to go accessible them, you just have to click on the “Favorites” link which is easy to find on the top portion of the assets column.

Order types

Different orders can be placed with AvaTrade and the available ones will depend on the platform that you’re using:

  • Market order – Basically, this is the default order type and it will be placed whenever an immediate order will be executed.
  • Take profit – In this type of order, you can reset a particular value to sell or purchase a specific asset.
  • Stop loss – This automatically prevents the order from selling or purchasing if the particular asset meets the pre-set value for reducing the potential loss.
AvaTrade order

AvaTrade order

AvaTrade permits you to set a particular rate to close at a particular price level by itself in order to reduce the loss and increase the profit.


There are users who want to be alerted instantly if something happens or just need the information about shifts. If you are one of them then you will be benefited from the feature of notifications.


You can also use this feature on their desktop trading platforms and not on the web trading platform.

With that out of the way, we can now discuss how it works but do take note that we’re discussing this feature for the MetaTrader platforms.

You can get alerts in the following form:

  • E-mail
  • Push notification on mobile
  • Desktop trading platform notifications.

If you prefer to receive them via email or mobile, you need to set your email address and your mobile MetaQuotes ID at the settings menu of the MT4 app.

And what is the best aspect?

There is no cost on these notifications!

Quotes Accuracy

Keep it in mind:

The precision of quotes which appear on a broker’s platform/s is significant as it will be the base of your success in trading.

In fact, this part is quite simple!

Attempt to have a comparison between their quotes from the real prices of the market and if prices shown by the broker are different from what prices appear in the market then it is likely that it is nothing but a scam or probably, their technology is not that good.

What about the test outcome?

It is not bad to know that slippages or re-quotes are rare with AvaTrade since their platforms normally indicates accurate prices both after and before the deal.

Since it has been proven that platform prices are not changed by AvaTrade, an excellent score is given to them for this category.

Fee details

The platform of AvaTrade is transparent when it comes to the fees which you could incur when you are trading with them.

The complete details can be assessed on the platform and their website so that you won’t get sudden or surprise fees whenever you close or open orders.

Tradable Assets

With AvaTrade, you will be capable of exploring limitless trading opportunities with more than 250 financial instruments.


  • All major classes of assets are covered
  • High-volatility investment with cryptocurrencies


  • Average number of assets

For this category, it can be said that with an increasing number, it will become merrier. It means that you would be capable of accessing various markets so that you aren’t fixated on a small set of instruments.

AvaTrade assets

AvaTrade assets

What is the comparison between other brokerages and AvaTrade?

The difference however is not that huge.

Around 100 to 200 instruments are provided by most of the brokerages and AvaTrade doesn’t lag behind.

It is always better if a diversity of assets is being offered by your broker because you will be capable of finding something on which you can invest easily.

Practically, AvaTrade covered all major asset classes and in this category, they managed to land above average due to this diversity.


On this class of asset, you will find common nation indices including the US-Tech 100, Japan 225, USA 500, Netherlands 25, and Germany 30 among others. Other than the country indices, you will be given access to the sector indices by the platform which cannot be found from other service providers of CFD.

AvaTrade indices

AvaTrade indices


Actually, you have the capability of investing in almost any kind of currency pair that you have in mind:

  • Crosses (EUR/CHF, EUD/CAD, GBP/ZHF, NZD/JPY, CAD/JPY and many more)
  • Exotics (EUR/TRY, USD/TRY, USD/SEK, USD/NOK, USD/DKK, USD/HKD, USD/MXN and many more)
AvaTrade forex

AvaTrade forex


You will be capable of investing in soft commodities including corn, wheat, coffee etc. and on hard classes such as platinum, gold, copper etc. as well.

AvaTrade commodities

AvaTrade commodities


It is a new class which will enable you to set a short or a long order of CFD on digital currencies including Tron, Cardano, EOS, and Monero among others.

AvaTrade cryptocurrencies

AvaTrade cryptocurrencies


You aren’t actually selling or buying crypto using the AvaTrade. You are selling or buying an agreement for resolving the difference after the termination of an order.

There is no need requirement of having a specific exchange account or using a unique wallet since you will not own a cryptocurrency present on the platform.


A sell or buy position can be placed on popular stocks from different nations including Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Germany, and the UK among others.

AvaTrade stocks

AvaTrade stocks

  • American Stocks
  • European Stocks

In contrast…

Numerous stocks are offered by other brokerages as well but the majority of them are from some specific nations. They have shared from the UK, the US, or some certain nations in Europe.


AvaTrade bonds

AvaTrade bonds


You’ll find contracts of over 80 choices for commodities and indices.

AvaTrade ETFs

AvaTrade ETFs

Deposits and Withdrawals

With AvaTrade, making both withdrawals and deposits is quite simple.


  • Common methods of payment are accepted
  • 1 business day processing time for withdrawals


  • Non-USD deposits are subject to a conversion fee

Supported currencies

For the platform, the base currency will rely on the user’s location. Thus, if you are from the UK, then your base currency will be in Euro and the same can be said about other nations as well. The currency will adjust automatically according to your location.

On the platform, you don’t have an option for picking the currency you desire during registration or even after. Hence, if you want to change it, then the department of customer department should be contacted.

Keep it in mind:

As long as an initial deposit hasn’t been made into the account, it is possible.

It would be an ideal thing to change to the currency of your fund source like your credit or band card for avoiding conversions. For instance, if your account of credit card utilizes Euros then the same should be used for your account of AvaTrade rather than British pound or US dollar. This way, exchange charges won’t be incurred.

But if your method of payment is an account featuring multi-currency with reasonable rates of conversion then this would not be an issue.


At the moment, AvaTrade is supporting the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • e-Payments
    • Skrill
    • Boleto
    • WebMoney
    • Neteller


These are the commonly utilized methods of banking and need simple processes in fund transfers.

AvaTrade supported deposit methods compared with other brokers

Broker Credit/Debit card Electronic wallet Bank transfer
AvaTrade Yes Yes Yes
eToro Yes Yes Yes
Plus500 Yes Yes Yes
24option Yes Yes Yes

Depositing money to a specific account is simple and fast and you also have several options. Consider an account has been opened by you, the next step is all about funding it.

You can do this by clicking on Deposit button which can be easily located from the main platform page.

AvaTrade deposit page

AvaTrade deposit page


It can be said if a credit card was utilized by you for funding the account, then it will be the card where the crediting of funds will take place even if a different method of payment was specified by you during the request of withdrawal.

In case the first attempt didn’t succeed, this will be the only instance when the amount will be refunded by AvaTrade on the secondary method of payment.

Withdrawal processing time

Today, most traders find it troubling to bear the delay in the processing period and in some cases, the processing of withdrawals doesn’t even take place.

And what about AvaTrade?

Actually, AvaTrade is not only fast but is also reliable in managing the requests of withdrawal with the standard time of processing up to 1 business day. It means that you don’t have to wait much because they are capable of fulfilling the promise in paying all of its clients.

Fees and Charges

There is no need to worry about surprise charges because AvaTrade is transparent with its fees.


  • No deposit or trading fees
  • Transparency on current spreads and overnight fees
  • Very simple to avoid inactivity fee


  • $25 withdrawal fee
  • $10 monthly inactivity fee if no login for 12 months


We can say that AvaTrade is not earning from commissions. It is compensated through the spread of the market which is the gap in price between the sell price and buy price of an instrument.

Different commissions are charged by their competitors for trading on different categories of share in accordance with the nation or market. There are no commissions with AvaTrade.

In fact, some instruments have variable spreads while others have fixed spreads.

It is important for you as a trader to have information about spread since it will determine how much you will get from effective trades. Generally, spreads of AvaTrade are better than what is offered by other brokers.

Guaranteed stop order

The use of this order ensures that your trade will have a pre-determined value and considering the fact that it is a subject to a broader spread, a charge will be incurred for closing positions.

Overnight funding

This amount will be subtracted or added in the account if the position is going to be held for a longer period.

For determining the funding time overnight and the daily percentage of overnight funding, you should click on the desired asset on the platform of trading and find the ‘I’ within the blue circle for revealing the details of the instrument.

AvaTrade overnight interest

AvaTrade overnight interest

Inactivity fee

Actually, if you have yet to utilize the platform for ninety days, $10 will be charged for covering the costs for maintenance and keeping the service active.

But the good thing is…

It is quite simple to evade this fee since you only have to sign-in at regular instances. This task will only take a minute or less to complete.

Trading Tools

There are some specific trading tools in AvaTrade that can be utilized for analyzing events, historical prices, and trends which can be positive for you in speculating how the market will be shifting.


  • Market sentiment


  • Limited charts on some platforms
  • No news feeds

If you wish to understand how users are trading on a specific asset, you can get this kind of information through the Market Sentiments section. This section can be found below the Sell and Buy buttons of underlying assets.

Of all customers, this is the percentage of sellers vs. buyers with open positions available on the platform. Thus, you will gain an overview of the ideas of other traders on the platform.

AvaTrade Market Sentiment

AvaTrade Market Sentiment

News feed

AvaTrade doesn’t have integrated news feeds on their platforms but if you’d like to stay updated with the most recent market analysis then you might want to consider using their Sharp Trader which is pretty much a good alternative.

What is it

This is an educational site where you can get daily news, analysis and other updates related to the instruments that they offer.

The only downside is that you cannot access it directly from their platform. Nevertheless, you probably wouldn’t mind doing a few clicks to get fundamental analysis and technical analysis that can help you in making educated trading decisions.

Charts and indicators

For technical analysis, if you are interested in utilizing charts then you will like using the tools which are offered by AvaTrade. At the moment, following are the available chart styles:

  • Bar
  • Candle
  • Line
AvaTrade charts

AvaTrade charts

If you’re looking for more charting tools then it would be better for you to use their MetaTrader trading platforms which has over 30+ technical indicators and comes with other tools as well.

Alternatively, you can use the Autochartist pattern recognition tool which is fully integrated with the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms including their mobile versions. Using its technology to scan intraday markets, you will be able to spot potential trading opportunities and even predict future price movements of financial instruments.

AvaTrade Autochartist

AvaTrade Autochartist

This service has a monthly fee if you choose to subscribe independently but you can get free access to this tool with AvaTrade if you made a minimum deposit of $500 and you need to get in touch with your account manager about it.


AvaTrade has a diverse selection educational materials that they continue to develop and improve.


  • Daily technical and fundamental analysis
  • Plenty of video tutorials
  • Resources are regularly updated


  • No webinars or seminars

Although efficient education centers are offered by some brokerages, AvaTrade managed to keep up with the competition by providing not just the basic resources that users need for using their services and platform but other resources as well which is sufficient enough for those who want to improve their trading skills and knowledge:

  • Trading for beginners – this is the section for those who are new to trading forex and CFDs.
  • Order types – knowing the different types of orders or how you will enter or exit a trade is a must and in order to know them all then you need to check out this section.
  • Economic indicators – with this calendar of economic data releases, declarations and announcements can be very useful for you to be aware of what’s going on in the financial markets and what could possibly happen.
  • Videos – there are plenty of videos to watch and this includes beginner lessons and platforms tutorials, financial asses, trading tools and strategies.
  • Ebook – if you’re the type of trader who prefers to read then you better download their comprehensive tutorial that’s made available in digital form.
  • Sharp Trader – as mentioned earlier in this review, this educational site comes with daily news, analysis and other updates about the available instruments in their platforms.
AvaTrade Trading Educational Center

AvaTrade Trading Educational Center

Customer Support

Connecting with the department of customer service is not an issue since they are available 24/7


  • 24/7 multilingual support
  • Professional customer support
  • Dedicated account managers


  • Dedicated account manager available if your first deposit is $1,000 or higher

Let’s keep it in mind:

An important thing in selecting brokers is consistency in providing customer service. They should be capable of offering you the information that you need and if they not only fulfill your requirements but also answer all of your questions, it would be ideal!

The customer support of AvaTrade is available through the most common methods of communication: phone, live chat and email.

AvaTrade customer support

AvaTrade customer support

By sending an inquiry list, we’ve tried to contact AvaTrade using their email support and this department was capable of attending and answering these inquiries quickly with 20 minutes of response time.

The normal response time is a day or two when a user is expecting a reply from the email support. However, it is not the same with AvaTrade. We found the agents to be sincere and honest as well. The responses were rapid and marketing tactics were not used by the agents.

AvaTrade live chat

AvaTrade live chat

If you wish to utilize live chat, this channel can be accessed only when you are logged into the platform.

Overall, the customer support team of AvaTrade is what we need. These are the reasons why they are given a high score.


Since 2006, AvaTrade has been capable of keeping its reputation untarnished and credibility unquestioned.


  • A multi-national company with several offices and centers worldwide
  • Has authorization from different regulators
  • Recipient of several industry awards


  • None

Is AvaTrade safe?

It is one of the most common questions that traders ask.

Honestly, there are not enough words to emphasize this important matter: You have to be with brokers who are transparent and honest.

And considering the reputation of AvaTrade, they really fulfill their promise and that is why, yes, it is safe and the following are the reasons why it is safe.


AvaTrade is approved and controlled by the below bodies:

  • Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) – AvaTrade (Europe) Ltd. (“AvaTrade Europe”) is regulated by under license number 109/10 with a registration number of HE20058.
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – AvaTrade (UK) Ltd. (“AvaTrade UK”) is authorised and regulated with company registration no. 797379 under firm reference number 583263.
  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) – both AvaTrade Europe and AvaTrade UK operate under and comply with this European Union law.
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) – AvaTrade AUS Capital Pty Ltd. (“AvaTrade Australia”), ABN 66 612 791 803 holds the Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) 491139 issued by this regulator.

AvaTrade is not only registered but also licensed with reputable regulators. It is quite a big deal since it guarantees you will be trading with an authorized company that has passed the guidelines of these authorities which are known for their strict regulatory requirements.


Actually, it was established in 2006 which means that this service of CFD has been operating for many years now.

Such longetivity is a solid proof that it is operated by a financially strong and stable organization.

AvaTrade is praised by various traders because it has competitive spreads and there are no commissions on withdrawals or transactions. Positive reviews of users on renowned trading sites of forex. There are positive views even on Twitter and Facebook.


At the moment, it has multi-year partnership with English Premier League football club Manchester City and has even expanded its role as the club’s global official online trading partner from its previous role as the regional partner in China, Asia and Latin America.

Let us explain:

This kind of sponsorship with sports clubs include very high costs, particularly if there are sustainable relationships in the long-term. It means that AvaTrade has a significant amount of funds for such kinds of large deals. And we can clearly say that their financial stability is further proven by this.


Overall, AvaTrade has been capable of developing a powerful and stable platform with important tools of risk management and features which are utilized by most traders.

It has not only made it simple to utilize but the whole process of CFD trading and online forex has also been made easy.

Reliable team of customer support, fast execution of orders, and better conditions of trading are just some of the many notable advantages of trading with AvaTrade.

AvaTrade was also capable of generating a competent score on all the prime categories in this review and that is the reason why we are highly recommending them for CFDs trading. They will not disappoint you.


Are you prepared to register with AvaTrade and start your journey?

Then before anything else, click on the button below so we can take you directly to their registration page.

Register now with AvaTrade!

*CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Now it’s your turn!

What’s your experience with AvaTrade?

Feel free to share your comments below.

Specification: AvaTrade

Minimum Deposit



MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, AvaOptions, Automated Trading, AvaTradeGO, Mobile trading, Mac Trading, Web trading

Mobile Trading




Leverage (EU)


Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, E-Payment Methods


Phone, Email, Live Chat


CBI (EU), ASIC (Australia), FSC (BVI), FSA (Japan), FSB (South Africa)

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