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8.9/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #6 in category Brokers
Here's a detailed and updated review of easyMarkets. Read the test results to know if it's trusted or a scam.
Trading Platforms
Tradable Assets
Deposits and Withdrawals
Fees and Charges
Trading Tools
Customer Support
  • Choice of proprietary and MT4 platforms
  • $2,000 tradable bonus (not available in EU countries)
  • dealCancellation to cancel a losing deal
  • Fixed spreads
  • Risk management tools
  • Extensive educational resources
  • 1-day processing time for withdrawals
  • Customer support via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber
  • Some asset classes are limited
  • No MT5 platform


In an always evolving need to maximize our investment returns, we look for products or instruments that will satisfy that particular need – try to maximize returns, and at the same time minimize the risks involved as much as possible.


The products that are being offered are also being tailor-fitted to what the customers need. Derivatives are such products; they are contracts between parties (buyers and sellers), whose values are based on an agreed-upon underlying financial asset (could be stocks, commodities, currencies, etc.) or a set of assets (think of indices).

A CFD (or contract for differences) is a form of derivative. It is a process wherein the resolution between the opening and closing trade prices are settled in cash. It is basically an agreement to exchange the difference in value between the price of a contract when it is opened, and the price when it is closed.

Transfer of physical goods (in the case of commodities) or securities (in the case of stocks) does not occur, thus making it cost-effective.

CFDs enable market participants to speculate and trade in the price movement of the underlying assets and/or other forms of derivatives.

In essence…

They are being utilized by market participants to make bets as to whether the price of the underlying asset will go up or go down.

Financial gains can not only be garnered if the market is trending up, but also even if the market is trending down.


Investors using CFDs as instruments are also exposed to a wider range of markets (including shares, currencies, stock indices, commodities, and more).

Hence, the opportunities are greater, and the risk of a single market could then be offset by the array of other markets which might show better sentiments than the others during that period.

If you are interested in trading CFDs and appreciate its advantages over other non-derivative markets, then easyMarkets is the broker for you.

easyMarkets is one of the top-rated brokers, since it was founded on 2001. The excellent services that they provide are rooted on their core values which are: simplicity, honesty, and transparency.

With those, it is one of the well-known platforms that are being used to trade CFDs. And as it has a global reach, easyMarkets is regulated by both CySEC in Europe and ASIC in the Asia Pacific region.

With it being regulated by different governing bodies, it can be rest assured that the welfare of the customer is definitely on top of their priorities.

Has your interest in easyMarkets been caught by the introduction and you wish to know more? Then let us not waste another moment of your time!

Here’s a more in-depth discussion.


As a platform, it can be said that easyMarkets is very user-friendly and simple to use. The end-to-end process of signing up, depositing funds, doing actual trades and withdrawals are quite easy to follow.

Talk about the ease of signing up, it offers the choice of signing up via email, or a quick sign-up using your Google account or your Facebook account.

The layout of the homepage makes using it very efficient, as all of the main functions are already in display: the different markets and instruments that could be traded are situated on the left side, the profit/loss statements, value at risk, and account balance are on the top-most pane; the trading function and the charts are on the middle pane.

With that simplified design, the client could just focus on what matters most: trading. Simplicity, at its finest, as it is one of the three core values embodied by easyMarkets.

Moreover, easyMarkets offers more than 200 instruments: a wide array of underlying assets composed of individual stocks, foreign exchange pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, metals, and indices.

And of course…

The platform also has different ways to trade those assets in the form of derivatives like options and the CFDs (the concept of which was discussed earlier).

It also accommodates trillions (in USD) in trading volume, millions of orders executed, and traders all around the world served.

Another concern for market participants is that of slippage when the markets turn volatile, and that is not the case with easyMarkets. As its second core value is that of honesty, they do not alter the conditions in order to respond to volatility. The spreads remain fixed and no slippage occurs.

The third core value is transparency. easyMarkets does not disable trading even if the markets become extremely volatile (as was the case with the Brexit referendum).

When the spreads are displayed as such, it is certain that the spreads remain as they are; hence, a market participant may enter a trade with the information that he/she has, are to be assured that that information will not change mid-trade (risks and costs could be calculated before entering a trade).

So let’s talk about the pros in general:

In the continuing service for their clients, easyMarkets offers educational documents in order to equip market participants with the necessary basic knowledge before they put on actual trades.

There are 10 eBooks that are available for download: it ranges from basic information (Getting Started), to more intermediate topics such as Learning Technical Analysis and Trading Psychology.

In addition to the downloadable documents, it also has a knowledge base which also covers the basics to intermediate topics such as different types of analysis and mastering one’s self.


Market participants make trading decisions on data; using that data in order to make educated guesses on the direction of the market.

easyMarkets provides the definitions of fundamental data that could be used for that in the form of economic indicators.

These data are based on the macroeconomic conditions, which then may determine the market sentiment. Such definitions include, but are not limited to: Trade Balance, Purchasing Managers Index, Producer Price Index (PPI), Non-Farm Payrolls, and a lot more.

The education component of easyMarkets is another testament that they have their clients’ interests in mind.

And the cons?

The list of assets as underlying financial instruments is not wide enough. Traders have different options to choose from, but there are a few limitations (which will be discussed below).

There are certain regions in which the easyMarkets Group of Companies do not provide their services, which include but are not limited to: USA, Israel, and British Columbia.

Risk Management:

They also have risk management tools: Such as Negative Balance Protection and Guaranteed Stop Loss. How do they work, you may ask? The definitions are as follows:

  • Negative Balance Protection – During highly volatile movements in which price action goes against you, and you’re in the unenviable position of being highly-leveraged on a market that lacks liquidity, slippage might cause you to not only lose the trade but actually owe the broker money. This will NOT happen for easyMarkets’ clients. And this feature is free and available to all traders whatever their account type maybe.
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss – A stop loss is a tool that market participants use to limit their losses if the price action goes against them. A guaranteed stop loss (as against a standard stop loss), will ensure that your position will close at the price you’ve specified your stops at. Regardless of what happens in the market, as volatile markets most often cause slippage.


Even though we have tested the easyMarkets platform, majority of the screenshots shown here are from their web trading platform.


Signing up with easyMarkets is definitely easy as counting 1..2..3..


  • Quick registration process
  • Can use Facebook or Google account


  • None

You can open an account via either of these options listed below:

  • Registering your email account and phone number
  • Connect with your (existing) Google account
  • Connect with your Facebook account

Countries supported

The scope of easyMarkets is almost global. Almost, but not quite, as there are some exceptions.

Residents of the following countries listed below are the ones that the EasyMarkets Group of Companies does not provide services to (as taken from their website):

Afghanistan Angola British Columbia
Burundi Cambodia Chad
DR Congo Equatorial Guinea Guinea Bissau
Haiti Iran Iraq
Israel Libya Manitoba
North Korea Ontario Quebec
Republic of Congo Somalia South Sudan
Sudan Turkmenistan USA
Venezuela Yemen

Types of accounts

With easyMarkets, your trading account is arranged for your individual needs, as it is not just a platform that they offer, but the whole trading experience instead.

There are three different account types namely: VIP, Premium, and Standard.

The Standard account offers a whole lot features which could definitely help the client with his trading needs (example: leverage and fixed spreads).

Premium and VIP accounts not only offer what the standard account has, but also features some additional perks as well, such as: tighter fixed spreads (i.e. EURUSD spread for VIP accounts is 1.2 as against 2.0 for standard accounts), phone customer support, and 24/5 phone and live chat trading.

And are there bonuses you might ask. easyMarkets definitely has those as well.

They offer a first deposit bonus in which the client receives 50% or up to a $2000 tradable bonus based on the first deposit (certain conditions do apply based on the amount of the deposit).

Interesting aren’t they?

It is important, however, to check the terms and conditions of these programs first to know when and how to avail of these promotional perks that the platform provides.

Demo account

As part of the prerogative of easyMarkets to provide their clients ample support for trading, they offer demo accounts in order for you to be able to practice certain trading strategies before you risk your hard-earned money in the marketplace.

Once you have registered and logged in, a message will pop up giving you the option on how you will like to trade: Be it live trading or demo trading?

Once you’ve selected Demo trading, you’re initially given a tradable balance of $10,000. Your demo account will not expire and will remain valid, that is until you’ve consumed your balance.

easyMarkets demo account virtual funds

easyMarkets demo account virtual funds

Please do note:

It is important to start trading on the demo account first in order to have a feel of the market flow, and to have an idea on the risks that are involved as a market participant.

A demo account is a good avenue to practice certain strategies and validate trading rules before risking real money; however, the risks maybe underestimated during demo trading.

For example…

The position size used might be too large, and is not replicable during live trading.

Thus, in order to maximize the advantages offered by trading on demo, it is advisable to do it using the settings that you will be using during live trading, like leverage and position size.

Doing so will hone your skills and build the confidence needed to start risking real money during live trading.

How to sign-up for an easyMarkets account?

The signing-up process of easyMarkets is straight-forward and quick to do.

You can register your account via these options:

  • Registering your email and phone number
  • Connect with your (existing) Google account
  • Connect with your Facebook account

After being done with the first part and selecting your country of residence, you need to fill in the necessary information via the My Profile link, which could be found by clicking the Menu.

Personal details such as your complete name, date of birth, registered address, and nationality need to be filled up.

After that you have to complete the rest of your profile such as your employment status, occupation, annual income, your estimated amount of assets (i.e. net worth), and your source of income. And you have to state if you have previous knowledge and experience on any financial market.

And then you’re good to go as far as setting up your profile!

You now have the option to deposit funds (needed for live trading, of course), or if you want to do demo trading first instead.

In order to proceed with making a deposit, you have to upload a picture or a scanned copy of your identification card or your passport – both the front and the back, and they have to be colored.

Also, you have to upload a picture or a scanned copy of your residence permit and a proof of residence as well.

Other supporting documents that might also be requested (such as credit/debit card statement), hence you also have to upload a picture or scanned copy of those as well.

These are needed as part of the know-your-customer requirements stipulated by the regulatory bodies. The documents will then be processed within 24 business hours.

When making a deposit, you first need to select the base currency that will be used by your account (i.e. USD).

Then, you may select a payment method (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, etc), and finally enter the amount that you wish to deposit.

Minimum deposit

The minimum amount to deposit to your account here easyMarkets is $100. Available payment methods are AstroPay Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Neteller, Skrill, Bank-Wire, and Webmoney.

The minimum amount required might not be the lowest among the brokers, but it is a fair amount to start trading as a beginner.

It is also not advisable be under-capitalized when trading, as the combination of sharp movements and too tight risk-management rules might eat away at your capital quickly.

Food for thought:

If you’re a trader with a long-term perspective, then the minimum amount of deposit should not be a factor.

As you will be gradually be growing that account over time, by making more deposits and through capital appreciation.

Trading Platforms

Clients may access the easyMarkets platform via Web/App or using MT4 (or MetaTrader 4). The platform’s user interface is pretty simple yet robust. The data that are needed (the different tradable instruments, available balance, charts, etc.) fit in one screen.


  • All trading information could be found in one screen.
  • The charts (trading view) contain many features and indicators.
  • Trading execution is easy.
  • There is a simulation feature which shows the potential risk and reward targets.
  • There is an option to display Market News.
  • There is a feature for trading signals (which markets are choppy or trending).
  • There is a feature that displays the Financial calendar (financial events/announcements scheduled for a certain time period).


  • No price alerts

Essentially, the easyMarkets trading platform is efficient in providing the client with the supporting information and making the execution of trades concise and convenient, thus suitable for quick decision-making.

easyMarkets Web platform

easyMarkets Web platform

Again, the platform could be accessed via the web/app (which they developed internally), or accessed via MetaTrader4, which is a third-party software.

Even though we have tested them all, majority of the screenshots shown here are from their web trading platform.

Wait, there’s more…

Upon further testing, it has been determined that the platform does not use extensive system resources (on your desktop or on your mobile devices), hence loading and the subsequent execution is streamlined and fast.

As a client, you could then focus your attention on which matters most – making good trading decisions.

easyMarkets trading platforms

System/Device Platform
Web easyMarkets Web Platform
Desktop MetaTrader 4, Vanilla Options
Mobile easyMarkets App (available on Google Play and the App Store)
Other N/A

easyMarkets has a multi-lingual option. Clients are able to access the platform and have the option to use any of the following languages: English, Arabic, Polish, Standard Chinese, and Spanish; although the default will be based upon the language of the country that you entered when you initially registered.


easyMarkets made the necessary design and modifications in order to make the platform easy to navigate, concise, and robust.

The important information could be found in the same screen with the trade execution. Hence, allowing you to make informed decisions when making the trades.

You could also toggle between which supporting information you need to make the analysis; you could use the charts if you prefer technical analysis; or economic data if fundamental analysis is your preferred way of analyzing.

If you’re a beginner, you will not find it hard to familiarize yourself with the platform’s layout.

As for the MT4 platform, after downloading and installing the software, you may contact an account service manager should you wish to create a live MT4 account

Should a demo account be preferred, choose EasyForex-Demo as the trading server on the MT4 platform, then follow the setup instructions to create a demo MT4 account.

The best part?

Regardless of the platform that’s preferred, you’ll be able to access a wide array of financial instruments together with the other supplemental information that could be used to make informed decisions (technical analysis charts and indicators, economic data, etc).

Which platform to use could be a matter of personal preference, but rest assured that all of them offer the same ease and robustness in their functionalities.

Access easyMarkets’ trading platforms now!

Logging in

Each time you sign into easyMarkets, you have the option on which route to take.

You may opt to key in your email address and password or you may connect your Google account or Facebook account directly.

They have their advantages and disadvantages; the advantage of opting in the former is that you could have a dedicated email for easyMarkets only and keep your Google and/or social media accounts separately.

easyMarkets login page

easyMarkets login page

The only disadvantage is that the process maybe cumbersome.The advantage of connecting either your Google or your Facebook account is that logging in is much easier.

That would mean the credentials are shared between different applications, and that maybe a disadvantage for some.

Searching for instruments

The underlying financial instruments could be seen on the left pane, and they are grouped into which categories they belong. The order of the groups is as follows:

  • Foreign exchange pairs
  • American stocks
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Metals
easyMarkets instrument search page

easyMarkets instrument search page

There is another option which is the search bar located on the top of the list. You can search for the specific ticker symbol or the currency/commodity, etc and it will show the different instruments that are related to them.

easyMarkets instrument search bar

easyMarkets instrument search bar

Although it generally is adaptive, there’s a slight restriction…

For currency pairs, commodities, and the metals, you can search the name of the instrument (not the symbol) that you’re looking for and the different instruments associated with it will come up.

For example:

You type in “silver”, you will then see that XAG/USD, XAG/EUR, XAU/XAG, etc have shown up; same thing with “oil” or “gold” or “yen” or “dollar”, etc.

The restriction occurs with the US stocks and indices. You need to type in the ticker symbol, simply typing in the name of the company will not enable the search function.

For example:

When typing in the ticker symbol “APL”, then the corresponding instrument will show up; but it won’t if you will try to type the name of its company “Apple”.

But then again…

Tt’s only a small detail which will not affect the bigger picture, but a heads up nonetheless.

But wait, there’s more to it…


More often than not, traders will have then focused on selected financial instruments.

This will enable them to narrow their focus on those set of individual names only with the goal of improving his trading performance.

This particular action will then help the traders make better decisions and act more efficient and faster because they are not churning tons of information which may not help the bottomline.

Traders, who have been doing this, will then tend to be more familiar with the behavior of those instruments as they have been watching them for quite some time.

The easyMarkets platform has this favorite option to help traders on that goal.

easyMarkets favorites

easyMarkets favorites

On the right side of the instrument, there’s a star – simply click that and that instrument is now included in the set of favorites.

The favorites will then be automatically placed on top of the list. Hence that information will be readily seen.

If deemed to be no longer part of the favorites list, one can simply click the star again to remove the highlight. And thus it will no longer appear on top of the list.

Order types

These are the order types that you can execute with easyMarkets:

  • Market order – This is the default order type. It will take whatever the current market price is, and execute the order based on it.
  • Pending order – This is a limit order. As a trader, you then will have placed the orders which will not be automatically triggered because the current market price is not equal to that of the price in the pending order. It will only be triggered if the market price has reached the price of the pending order.
  • Guaranteed stop loss – This is a protective order that will be triggered to close the position if ever the price action went against the trader. The purpose of this is to limit the amount of loss. .
easyMarkets order

easyMarkets order


Many, if not most traders, would want to be notified what the current price action is indicating. As this could contain information in which immediate action is needed.

easyMarkets notification settings

easyMarkets notification settings

easyMarkets provides their clients with SMS alerts which will definitely help them with their trading.

SMS alerts could be about exchange rates, or position closure, or even pending orders. The mobile application could set up price notifications.

The SMS alerts and the mobile app notifications are free of charge.

Quotes Accuracy

It is important to note:

Data is the driving force behind the traders’ decision-making.

Thus it is imperative that the quotes that are being supplied by the platform represent the actual data that are currently being reflected in the market.

It is part of the responsibilities of market makers to provide accurate data.

Rest assured that the data that is being fed to the platform is indicative of the current data in the market, and adjustment of quotes are not being done.

easyMarkets pride themselves with their honesty and transparency. And with that, we give them an excellent score for this particular category.

Fee details

easyMarkets platform is transparent (that is their third core value) with regards to their fees.

They offer fixed spreads and guaranteed stop losses so that in the event of volatile market movement, slippages will not occur if a trade needs to be closed.

Thus, before making a trade, the client would then already know what amount he will be putting at risk, which would not change even in the face of sharp market moves. And yes, there are definitely no hidden fees.

Tradable Assets

easyMarkets offers more than 200 financial instruments: a wide array of underlying assets composed of American stocks, foreign exchange pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, metals, and indices.


  • Wide option of major asset classes
  • Addition of high risk/high reward cryptocurrencies


  • Only selected US stocks are listed
  • Only the 3 cryptocurrency pairs are listed

Although, easyMarkets has the major asset classes listed, it could include more stocks from different exchanges (such as the NASDAQ, European markets, etc).

easyMarkets assets

easyMarkets assets

Furthermore, only 3 cryptocurrencies are listed, the altcoins are not yet listed in the platform. But more than 200 options is more than enough to trade, thus traders could already work with what are currently listed.

How does easyMarkets compare with other brokerages?

It can be seen that they are more or less within the same range as most brokerages provide around 100 to 200 instruments.

Although there are certain instruments that are not listed here, the choices are still more than enough to trade on.

And it has a good variety of low volatility (indices) and high volatility (cryptocurrencies) instruments for traders to choose from, basing on their individual risk profiles.


easyMarkets offers over a dozen different indices to trade.

Why indices, you may ask?

They have been popular instruments as they represent a basket of stocks of a certain region.

Thus, they tend to average out the volatility of its different components. Indices offer a good mix of diversification and opportunity (volatility) for market participants to trade on.

Different index products offered are US 500 (SPI), US 30 (DOW), UK 100 (FTS), EU Stocks 50 (ESX), Japan 225 (NKI), among others.

easyMarkets indices

easyMarkets indices


The forex market is a huge global market. The platform offers plenty of currency pair options to choose from. When you trade forex, you sell one currency and buy its pair.

The base currency is on the left, while the non-base currency is located on the right. If the pair is quoted as EUR/USD – 1.16500 will mean that for every Euro you buy, you sell 1.16500 USD.

  • Major pairs – They are the most traded currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/CHF.
  • Cross pairs – hey are quotes against major currencies other than USD: EUR/CHF, EUR/CAD, CAD/JPY, etc.
  • Exotic pairs – USD/SEK, USD/NOK, USD/ZAR, etc.
easyMarkets currencies

easyMarkets currencies


Many traders prefer to trade commodities because they tend to represent the basic concepts of supply and demand.

With easyMarkets you could trade CFDs for underlying instruments such as WTI Crude Oil, Brent Oil, Wheat, Gold, Silver, Natural Gas, Sugar, and many more.

easyMarkets commodities

easyMarkets commodities

easyMarkets metals

easyMarkets metals


These are the relatively new instruments in the global finance scene. They are online digital currencies. Moreover, they are very speculative, hence highly volatile.

They are based on the concept of blockchain and are decentralized. easyMarkets contain only 3 instruments for cryptocurrencies. These are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP).

easyMarkets cryptocurrencies

easyMarkets cryptocurrencies

And similar to other CFDs which are based on other underlying instruments, it is generally an agreement to exchange the difference in value between the price of a contract when it is opened, and the price when it is closed.

Hence, there is no need to use crypto wallets as you are not buying or selling actual cryptocurrencies, just contracts that represent them.


easyMarkets contain only a selected group of US stocks with large market capitalization, such as: Amazon (AMZN), Alibaba (BABA), Apple (APL), etc.

easyMarkets stocks

easyMarkets stocks

Deposits and Withdrawals

The easyMarkets team has ensured that making deposits and withdrawals are quick and simple.


  • Common payment methods are accepted
  • Instant processing time for deposits
  • Have a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods without any fees
  • Withdrawal requests are processed within 1 business day (24 hours)
  • No minimum withdrawal amount for withdrawals to credit/debit cards and eWallets


  • Depending on the destination and the bank’s processing times, the funds may reach 3 to 10 business days before reaching the account
  • Currency conversion fees apply if the deposit is in non-USD currency

Clicking the Menu (upper-right), you could see that there are options for “Deposit Funds” and “Withdraw Funds”.

Supported currencies

When using the easyMarkets platform, the default currency for your account will rely on the user’s location.

Accounts can be opened in different currencies (USD, EUR, CZK , JPY, SGD, etc). The distinct currency options are advantageous as conversion fees are not relevant when using an account in your own currency.


Currently, easyMarkets is supporting the following payment methods:

  • AstroPay Card
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Wire
  • WebMoney
Broker Credit/Debit card Electronic wallet Bank transfer
easyMarkets Yes Yes Yes
Plus500 Yes Yes Yes
eToro Yes Yes Yes

Adding funds to a trading account is generally an easy and straight-forward process to do.

After having completed the registration process, and having tested several strategies using the demo account, you might feel that you’re ready to make some real money. Thus, the next step is to fund that account.

From the Menu (located on the upper right), select Deposit Funds.

You then select the payment method of your choice, select the amount that you’d want to add. And fill up the necessary information to complete the process.

Pepperstone supported deposit methods compared with other brokers

Broker Credit/Debit card Electronic wallet Bank transfer
easyMarkets Yes Yes Yes
eToro Yes Yes Yes
Plus500 Yes Yes Yes
24option Yes Yes Yes


easyMarkets deposit

easyMarkets deposit


You may access this by going also to the menu (located on the upper right area of the page), then select Withdraw Funds.

It is stated that if you have deposited via a debit or credit card, the funds will also be returned to the same card.

What’s the real story?

Brokerages are mandated by financial authorities to follow this procedure of returning the funds via the original method that was used to deposit money into the account for security and fraud protection.

The good news is that easyMarkets abide by these guidelines.

Withdrawal processing time

Imagine this, you’ve done your homework and you executed correctly thus gaining profits in the process. You then would like to bank those profits, and then the funds don’t reach your account.

It is often a source of frustration for traders if there’s a delay in receiving their hard-earned money, or worse, not receiving them at all.

Rest assured, easyMarkets makes the banking or withdrawal process as quick and seamless as possible. The withdrawal requests are usually processed within 24 hours only.

Although it may take 3 to 10 business days before the funds will reach your account (basically depending on the funds’ destination and the client’s bank’s processing period).

Fees and Charges

As stated in easyMarkets’ guidelines, there will be no minimum withdrawal amount if credit/debit cards or eWallets were used in the process.


  • No inactivity fee
  • No deposit fee
  • No commissions


  • Minimum account of $50 if bank accounts were used for withdrawals

Remember the core values? There is honesty and transparency. There are no hidden and surprise charges. However, if bank accounts were used in the process, then the minimum amount to withdraw is $50.


What are spreads, you may ask?

This is a way wherein brokers earn instead of charging commissions for transactions. The bid-ask spread is the difference between the buyers’ price and the sellers’ price. Usually, it’s within a range, hence traders usually know what their operating costs are.

However, when the market turns volatile, traders usually incur slippages, hence, the trading costs tend to rise when their orders aren’t getting filled correctly.

easyMarkets provides a fix for that by offering fixed spreads. For higher account types (i.e. VIP), the spreads get tighter.

Thus, when traders use easyMarkets, they know what their transaction costs would be regardless of what the market conditions are.

Guaranteed stop order

A stop order is a tool that traders use in order to limit their losses if the price action goes against them.

However, when the market again turns volatile (Problems seem to arise when the volatility level increases, don’t they?), there is a chance that the stop order will not get filled at the right price.

What’s even worse?

That slippage might turn out to be catastrophic.

Why does this matter?

easyMarkets offers a guaranteed stop loss (as against a standard stop loss), this will ensure that your stop order will get triggered at the exact price you’ve specified your stops at.

Similar to the fixed spread, this feature ensures that traders will know what their transaction costs will be regardless of what the market conditions are.

Overnight funding

Overnight interest rate swaps are usually charged if the holding period extends from being a daytrade. These are the so-called rolling fees.

A client may check the different charges by selecting a forex pair and clicking “see more” to display information. Different fees are assigned to different forex pairs.

easyMarkets overnight funding

easyMarkets overnight funding

Inactivity fee

Some brokers charge inactivity fees, as this is a means of encouraging their clients to execute more trades, thus giving them more business.

But not easyMarkets.

Clients may choose to execute only the trades that offer them the highest probability of winning.

Bottom line?

There’s no need to rush, just execute the trades properly.

Trading Tools

easyMarkets provides the necessary data for their clients to make their educated decisions on.


  • Charts are fully equipped with different technical indicators
  • Market news is provided on the platform and economic news might be a factor on market sentiment
  • Trading signals show if a particular financial instrument is bullish (likely to increase in value), or bearish (likely to decrease in value), or just ranging (price is moving up and down in a price range with no clear direction)


  • No price notifications on the website

It’s challenging on the part of market participants to basically guess which direction the market will move the next, and profit from that.

It boils down to probabilities and making educated guesses or if you prefer, decisions.

The good news is that easyMarkets offers a lot of essential and updated data ranging from chart indicators to trading signals to providing economic news and finally to sentiment analysis.


As traders, we need information to guide our decisions.

easyMarkets has this feature wherein it shows what a certain percentage of traders are doing in the market place for a particular financial instrument (i.e. 63% of traders are buying EUR/USD).

Traders could then base their actions on that piece of market sentiment information.

easyMarkets trends

easyMarkets trends

News feed

Here’s a tip:

Economic news can be a factor in the marketplace.

Since market prices are basically being moved by supply and demand of the participants, macroeconomic news and data could be used as the basis for the decisions that are being made.

easyMarkets has this feed of macroeconomic news that could help its clients make better educated decisions, and not just betting blindly.

Charts and indicators

The charting software in the easyMarkets website is powered by TradingView. Hence, it is a robust charting software, which has lots of technical indicators to choose from.

Technical indicators are visual tools that are based from mathematical computations. These helps traders like you in making educated decisions.

easyMarkets charts

easyMarkets charts

You may also choose which type of chart you are more comfortable with. There’s a chance that you might be comfortable with a line chart (just showing the closing prices), whereas others prefer charts which show more information (such as the OHLC or candlestick charts).


easyMarkets has continually shown that they have the interest of their clients in mind. And this is apparent in that they provide educational documents in order to equip their clients with the needed knowledge prior to placing live trades.


  • 10 downloadable ebooks ranging from the basics to more intermediate lessons
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Fundamental data definitions – i.e. Trade Balance, Producer Price Index, Non-Farm Payrolls and many more.
  • Webinars


  • Advanced topics are not covered

What they have is an organized set of informational resources that can be very useful not only for newbies but experienced traders as well.

And these aren’t just boring or long documents. What you’ll get are educational materials that are engaging to read or watch:

  • Getting Started – If you’re a beginner then this is the best resource to use to learn about the trading fundamentals and terms, setting-up your account and other introductory topics.
  • Discover Series – This educational series features the most popular instruments on the platform and everything you need to know about them such as their origin, factors that affect the price, etc.
  • Free eBooks – There are 10 informative electronic books that you can download. Various topics are covered such as platform walkthroughs, technical analysis, trading psychology and more.
  • Knowledge Base – Covers everything from the services of easyMarkets, the platforms that they offer, how to starr trading and mastering your trading skills.
  • Trading Glossary – If you’re just starting to know the trading terminologies used in international markets then you better browse through this glossary.
  • Economic Indicators – Has all the information that you need to know about global market-moving indicators.
  • FAQs – A very basic page answering the most common questions you may have about easyMarkets and their service.
easyMarkets Learn Centre

easyMarkets Learn Centre

Customer Support

There are multiple avenues in order to communicate with a customer service representative from easyMarkets.


  • Professional and friendly support
  • Personal Account Managers are provided regardless of the account type
  • Inquiries could be sent via Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp
  • 24/5 phone and live chat trading


  • 24/5 phone and live chat trading and customer support over the phone are only provided for those who will deposit $2,000 or more

Let’s keep it in mind:

We can’t emphasize enough:

Customer service is vital for the clients. Traders process information quickly and frequently, but they could only do so much if the platform is experiencing issues

With the support that is being provided, easyMarkets is showing that they have their clients’ interests in mind.

easyMarkets customer support

easyMarkets customer support


easyMarkets has existed for almost 2 decades and have been acknowledged through various awards. Their reputation is impeccable.


  • Authorized by different regulators
  • Recognized through several industry awards


  • None

easyMarkets has been of service to market participants since 2001. Their core values are simplicity, honesty, and transparency.

They have continuously innovated by developing and providing new products to their clients throughout the years.

Is easyMarkets safe?

One of the nagging questions, when our finances are concerned, is their security.

Rest assured, easyMarkets is regulated, and recognized by the industry via several awards throughout its almost 2 decades of existence.

It has been continually innovating its products in order to make sure that their clients are safe; and that their product is simple, yet robust.

It has emphasized honesty and transparency in their service. Moreover, they maintain sufficient liquid capital to cover all client deposits.


easyMarkets is approved and controlled by the following bodies as listed below:

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) – Regulated under EasyMarkets Pty Ltd company with AFS license number of 246566
  • Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) – Regulated under Easy Forex Trading Ltd with a license number of 079/07

Here’s what you need to know:

They have always pushed regulation, because as a financial service provider, it ensures that they are being transparent and that the security of their clients is a priority.


easyMarkets was established in 2001. They have been a financial service provider for almost 2 decades!

They not only continually strived for innovation, but also have continuously kept their clients’ interests as a priority – by revolutionizing the industry through their products such as DealCancellation, Guaranteed Stop Loss, Fixed Spreads and many more.

Looking back:

They rebranded from easy-forex to easyMarkets in 2016.

Not only are they being recognized by the award-giving bodies in the industry, but they are also being acknowledged by traders themselves through various testimonials and reviews.


In essence, the platform is an embodiment of easyMarkets’ core values. It shows simplicity, and yet extremely robust.

It values transparency in the form the fixed spreads and guaranteed stop order features, as it ensures that regardless of the market volatility, their clients are well-aware of what their trading costs are prior to taking the trade.

And another thing…

Even though the platform is generally easy to use, it does not sacrifice the content that it offers.

They offer numerous charting technical indicators, together with providing the latest economic news updates, and market analysis.


The financial instruments that they have are also diversified and plenty to choose from.

The deposit and withdrawal process is also pretty straightforward – and if a hitch should occur, the customer service team will definitely take care of it, having different communication avenues to address any issue.

easyMarkets was also able to achieve a competent score on all key categories and that is why we are extremely recommending them if you are interested to trade CFDs.

You sure will get your money’s worth.


Are you ready to register with easyMarkets and begin your trading voyage?

What are you waiting for? Click on the link below so you can be directly sent to their registration page.

Register now with easyMarkets!

*CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.
71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

How do you feel about easyMarkets? What’s your experience like with this broker?

Do place your comments below.

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